AdonisJs is a MVC framework for Node.js built around practical use cases to give you a perfect solution that meets all of your needs. We focus on writing elegant code and being one of the most stable frameworks in the Node Community. 🌲

It is the first Node.js framework with support for Dependency Injection and to have a lean IoC Container to help you resolve and mock dependencies. It borrows the concept of Service Providers from the popular PHP framework Laravel that lets you easily write scalable applications.

You can learn more about AdonisJs and all of its awesomeness on http://adonisjs.com 🚀

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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Nodejs     API     MVC     Web Frameworks     Framework     Productivity     ORM     Socket.io     REST     Web     Mvc-framework     Adonis-framework     AdonisJs    

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- it is fast - very neat - it has a good documentation - very easy to use and integrate - you can build apps with few lines of codes

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