Tiny but powerful goodies for Continuation-Passing-Style (CPS) functions with functional composability backed by category theory foundations.

Functions are the most basic and powerful concept. A whole program can be written as funciton, taking input data and producing output. However, viewing function's return value as the only output is often too limited. For instance, all asynchronous Node API methods rely on the output data returned via callbacks rather than via functions' return values. This pattern is of course the well-known Continuation-Passing Style (CPS)

The famous article by John Backus "Can Programming Be Liberated from the von Neumann Style? A Functional Style and Its Algebra of Programs" advocated to "reduce the code obesity" by building generic hierarchical ways of composing entire programs. The present proposal attempts to provide some way of how such composability can be achieved.

See https://github.com/dmitriz/cpsfy/blob/master/DOCUMENTATION.md for details.

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Programming language: JavaScript
Tags: Control Flow     Stream     Functional     Async     Callback     Monad     Functor    

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