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  • v0.6.11 Changes

    • Fixed bug where missing content-type header when updating a user threw an error.
  • v0.6.10 Changes

    • Fixed bug where query strings were not properly parsed.
    • Fixed certain errors returned as HTML rather than JSON.
    • Fixed bug where changing a property type from "number" to "string" made existing properties uneditable.
    • Fixed bug where changed() was returning true for values that had not changed.
    • Fixed certain error's returned as HTML rather than JSON.
    • Data editor
      • Fixed bug where data editor would expand as the page scrolls
      • Fixed bug where the cursor would randomly move around while editing text
      • Removed overlay for inline editing
  • v0.6.9 Changes

    • Fixed bug where internal-client was not accessible from modules
    • Fixed restarts caused by 404s of unexpected http verbs
  • v0.6.8 Changes

    • Fixed CORS incorrectly requiring a referer header
    • Added dpd.once(name, fn) function to execute a realtime handler exactly once
    • Added, [fn]) function to remove a realtime handler
    • Added dpd.socketReady(fn) function to listen for the built-in connect event
    • Added dpd.socket property to provide direct access to
    • Fixed bug where username and password could be updated by an unauthenticated put.
      • Usernames and passwords can be updated only by that user's session, a root session, or an internal request.
    • Made data folder smaller by default in development environment
    • Added cancelIf(), cancelUnless(), errorIf(), and errorUnless() functions to event API for more declarative events
    • Added hasErrors() function to event API
    • Added isMe() function to event API
    • Fixed external prototype bug causing custom external prototypes to fail
    • Removed docs from repository. They are now available at or
  • v0.6.7 Changes

    • Added new data editor
    • Fixed major bug where calling error() would not always cancel the request
    • Fixed bug where PUT would fail without an error if you provided a query
    • Changed root behavior - no longer ignores cancel() in events
    • Fixed bugs preventing events from being emit()ed to users in certain connection states
    • Fixed bug where boolean query values (?bool=true) were not treated as booleans
    • Fixed unnecessary error when parsing JSON body
    • Added more intelligent body parsing
    • Added changed() method in collection events
    • Added previous object in collection events
    • Fixed dpd showkey prompt for missing keys.json
  • v0.6.6 Changes

    • Added CORS support
    • Exposed the server object to modules as process.server
    • Fixed a rare bug where the first request after a login would not be authenticated
    • Fixed minor bug when loading only node modules
  • v0.6.5 Changes

    • Fixed process.send bug
    • Remote DB Authentication
  • v0.6.4 Changes

    • Fixed incorrect Content-Length response header.
  • v0.6.3 Changes

    • Removed dependency on jQuery for dpd.js
    • JSON-formatted "bad credentials" login error
    • Improved error reporting on CLI when port is in use
    • If in development mode, and no port has been specifically requested, CLI will retry with up to 5 different ports
    • Fixed "no open connections" bug on startup
    • Renamed Db.connect() to Db.create()
    • Db connections are now lazy and only occur once a request is made
    • Added 500 and 404 error pages
    • Added module domain error handling for better module errors
    • Added automatic reloading on error
    • Dropped support for node 0.6
  • v0.6.2 Changes

    • Fixed rare but annoying bug where server would crash for no good reason ("Cannot set headers") on a request