fast-check v2.17.0 Release Notes

  • 👍 Better typings for constantFrom and better support for Promises in stringify [Code][Diff]

    🔋 Features

    • ✨ (PR#1969) Enhance typings of constantFrom
    • (PR#1953) Speed-up random by using unsafe methods of pure-rand
    • (PR#1996) Fork paths of array/set in ArrayArbitrary::generate
    • (PR#1984) Async reporters can enrich the output with async data
    • ✨ (PR#1972) Enhance stringify on Promise
    • (PR#2006) Support custom* async serializer in stringify (*via internal symbol)
    • (PR#2015) Forward the custom toString methods of the underlying commands
    • 👍 (PR#2014) Better stringified value for func producing async values
    • ✅ (PR#2018) Better stringified value for infiniteStream producing async values
    • (PR#2019) Expose custom to string methods

    🛠 Fixes

    • 0️⃣ (PR#1997) Bug: Default reporter performed side-effects on the output
    • 👯 (PR#2017) Bug: Better detection for objects that could define cloneMethod in map
    • 👯 (PR#2016) Bug: Safer check for cloneMethod to also support prototype-less objects
    • (PR#1954) CI: Rewrite reaction to comment action using github-script
    • 👷 (PR#1981) CI: Drop Node 10 from CI tool-chain
    • 👷 (PR#1982) CI: Drop Node 10 from CI tool-chain
    • 0️⃣ (PR#1983) CI: Override default version of node in codesandbox with node 14
    • 🐎 (PR#1951) Doc: Add "Performance" category into the PR template
    • 👕 (PR#1970) Doc: Fix wrong format command and add lint fixing command
    • (PR#2005) Doc: Fix typo barely -> nearly
    • (PR#2007) Doc: Prefer more explicit async/await properties in examples/
    • ♻️ (PR#2001) Refactor: No more use of window for global configuration
    • ♻️ (PR#2002) Refactor: Build context when building the item itself in ArrayArbitrary