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Node.js framework

Total.js framework is a framework for Node.js platfrom written in pure JavaScript similar to PHP's Laravel or Python's Django or ASP.NET MVC. It can be used as web, desktop, service or IoT application.

$ npm install -g total.js


Official support

Top features
Offline documentation
Backward compatibility
HMVC architecture
Clean directory structure
Fully asynchronous
Full web server with serving of static files
Supports IP restrictions
Supports redirections
Supports reusable components
Supports just-in-time JS, CSS (variables and nesting) and HTML compressor
Supports just-in-time merging of static files (JavaScripts, CSS or HTML)
Supports just-in-time mapping of files
Supports media streaming (e.g. videos)
Supports modules and packages
Built-in image processing engine via ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick
Supports WebSockets (RFC 6455) and Server-Sent events
NEW Supports WebSockets client
Supports multipart/x-mixed-replace (IP camera streaming) uploading and sending
Supports RESTful routing
Supports middleware (like express.js) with custom options
Supports unit testing
Supports workers for heavy CPU operations
Supports 4x config files (common, debug, release and test)
Mailer with templating (Gmail, Outlook or classic SMTP servers with auth and TLS)
Built-in view engine (layouts, nested views, conditions, loops, inline helpers, etc.)
Localization with diff tool and CSV export
Supports cache mechanism
Supports schemas for creating business objects with validations, workflows, etc.
Supports injecting scripts, packages and views from URL
Supports String, Date, Number and Array prototypes
Supports additional utilities (e.g. create request, XML parsing, etc.)
Supports themes
Supports scripting
Possibility to rewrite existing functionality
NoSQL embedded database (NEW: joins, scalar operations and in-memory mode)

Useful modules


Contributor Type E-mail
Peter Širka author + support petersirka@gmail.com
Martin Smola contributor + support smola.martin@gmail.com
Jozef Gula contributor gula.jozef@gmail.com
Andrea Sessa contributor andrea.sessa@gmail.com
Gera G. Güiles contributor gerardo.gonzalezg@gmail.com
Tom Spaccialbelli contributor tom.spaccialbelli@gmail.com
Radek / rsmogura contributor ...
Liao San-Kai contributor liaosankai@gmail.com
Ivan Marchukov contributor marchukov.ivan@gmail.com
Dusan Dragula contributor dusan.dragula@goodrequest.com
Сковорода Никита Андреевич contributor chalkerx@gmail.com
Андрей Владимирович contributor and.designer93@gmail.com
Guy Fraser contributor guy.fraser1@gmail.com
Peter Štolc contributor stolcp@gmail.com
Denis Granec contributor danis1999@gmail.com
Chao Tang Chang contributor mrgmp2004@hotmail.com
luoage contributor luoage@msn.cn
Mato Holly contributor mato.holly@gmail.com
Tema Smirnov contributor github.tema@smirnov.one
Jeroen van Hilst contributor frunjik@gmail.com
Pedro Maia Costa contributor pedro@pmcdigital.pt
Sarp Aykent contributor shackhers@gmail.com

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