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Copy/paste detector for programming source code, supports 150+ formats.

Copy/paste is a common technical debt on a lot of projects. The jscpd gives the ability to find duplicated blocks implemented on more than 150 programming languages and digital formats of documents. The jscpd tool implements Rabin-Karp algorithm for searching duplications.

jscpd screenshot

Packages of jscpd

name version description
[jscpd](packages/jscpd) npm main package for jscpd (cli and API for detections included)
[@jscpd/core](packages/core) npm core detection algorithm, can be used for detect duplication in different environments, one dependency to eventemmiter3
[@jscpd/finder](packages/finder) npm detector of duplication in files
[@jscpd/tokenizer](packages/tokenizer) npm tool for tokenize programming source code
[@jscpd/leveldb-store](packages/leveldb-store) npm LevelDB store, used for big repositories, slower than default store
[@jscpd/html-reporter](packages/html-reporter) npm Html reporter for jscpd
[@jscpd/badge-reporter](packages/badge-reporter) npm Badge reporter for jscpd


$ npm install -g jscpd


$ npx jscpd /path/to/source


$ jscpd /path/to/code


$ jscpd --pattern "src/**/*.js"

More information about cli [here](packages/jscpd).

Programming API

For integration copy/paste detection to your application you can use programming API:

jscpd Promise API

import {IClone} from '@jscpd/core';
import {jscpd} from 'jscpd';

const clones: Promise<IClone[]> = jscpd(process.argv);

jscpd async/await API

import {IClone} from '@jscpd/core';
import {jscpd} from 'jscpd';
(async () => {
  const clones: IClone[] = await jscpd(['', '', __dirname + '/../fixtures', '-m', 'weak', '--silent']);

detectClones API

import {detectClones} from "jscpd";

(async () => {
  const clones = await detectClones({
    path: [
      __dirname + '/../fixtures'
    silent: true

detectClones with persist store

import {detectClones} from "jscpd";
import {IMapFrame, MemoryStore} from "@jscpd/core";

(async () => {
  const store = new MemoryStore<IMapFrame>();

  await detectClones({
    path: [
      __dirname + '/../fixtures'
  }, store);

  await detectClones({
    path: [
      __dirname + '/../fixtures'
    silent: true
  }, store);

In case of deep customisation of detection process you can build your own tool with @jscpd/core, @jscpd/finder and @jscpd/tokenizer.

Start contribution

  • Fork the repo kucherenko/jscpd
  • Clone forked version (git clone https://github.com/{your-id}/jscpd)
  • Install dependencies (yarn install)
  • Add your changes
  • Add tests and check it with yarn test
  • Create PR

Who uses jscpd

  • Github Super Linter is combination of multiple linters to install as a GitHub Action
  • Code-Inspector is a code analysis and technical debt management service.
  • Mega-Linter is a 100% open-source linters aggregator for CI (Github Action & other CI tools) or to run locally
  • vscode-jscpd VSCode Copy/Paste detector plugin.
  • Codacy automatically analyzes your source code and identifies issues as you go, helping you develop software more efficiently with fewer issues down the line.
  • Natural is a general natural language facility for nodejs. It offers a broad range of functionalities for natural language processing.


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[MIT](LICENSE) © Andrey Kucherenko

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the jscpd README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.