Functional Programming modules

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  • lodash

    9.9 7.4 L4 JavaScript
    A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras. A better and faster Underscore.js.
  • RxJS

    9.7 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    Functional reactive library for transforming, composing, and querying various kinds of data.
  • immutable

    9.7 7.4 L3 JavaScript
    Immutable data collections.
  • Ramda

    9.3 8.0 L4 JavaScript
    A utility library with a focus on flexible functional composition enabled by automatic currying and reversed argument order. Avoids mutating data.
  • Bacon.js

    8.2 5.5 CoffeeScript
    Functional reactive programming.
  • Lazy.js

    8.0 0.6 L2 JavaScript
    Utility library similar to lodash/Underscore but with lazy evaluation, which can translate to superior performance in many cases.
  • mori

    6.9 0.0 Clojure
    A library for using ClojureScript's persistent data structures and supporting API from the comfort of vanilla JavaScript.
  • Mout

    5.7 0.6 L4 JavaScript
    Utility library with the biggest difference between other existing solutions is that you can choose to load only the modules/functions that you need, no extra overhead.
  • underscore-contrib

    5.1 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    The brass buckles on Underscore's utility belt.
  • elm

    4.7 4.3 Elm
    A delightful language for reliable webapps.
  • Rambda

    4.5 9.0 L5 JavaScript
    Faster alternative to Ramda in just 7kB
  • Kefir.js

    0.4 0.0 CoffeeScript
    Reactive library with focus on high performance and low memory usage.
  • Folktale

    - -
    A suite of libraries for generic functional programming in JavaScript that allows you to write elegant, modular applications with fewer bugs, and more reuse.