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  • browserify

    9.2 6.4 L4 JavaScript
    Browser-side require() the Node.js way.
  • Cytoscape.js

    8.2 8.9 L2 JavaScript
    Graph theory (a.k.a. network) modeling and analysis.
  • np

    7.0 6.9 L4 JavaScript
    A better npm publish.
  • execa

    5.9 5.8 L4 JavaScript
    A better child_process.
  • update-notifier

    5.6 3.8 L4 JavaScript
    Update notifications for your CLI app.
  • npm-home

    2.3 1.3 JavaScript
    Open the npm page of a package.
  • npm-name

    2.0 5.6 JavaScript
    Check whether a package name is available on npm.
  • strong-build

    1.9 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    Build a node app package and prepare to deploy it as a package to production or use git to commit to a deploy branch.
  • pkg-dir

    1.8 2.5 JavaScript
    Find the root directory of an npm package.
  • ygor

    1.3 6.9 L5 JavaScript
    A promising task runner for when npm run isn't enough and everything else is too much.
  • modhelp

    0.5 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    Syntax-highlighted module READMEs in terminal with ANSI-friendly pager.