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  • v5.8.8 Changes

    January 14, 2020
    • fix(model): allow using lean with insertMany() #8507 #8234 ntsekouras
    • fix(document): don't throw parallel validate error when validating subdoc underneath modified nested path #8486
    • fix: allow typePojoToMixed as top-level option #8501 #8500 AbdelrahmanHafez
    • docs(populate+schematypes): make note of _id getter for ObjectIds in populate docs #8483
  • v5.8.7 Changes

    January 10, 2020
    • fix(documentarray): modify ownerDocument when setting doc array to a doc array thats part of another document #8479
    • fix(document): ensure that you can call splice() after slice() on an array #8482
    • docs(populate): improve cross-db populate docs to include model refs #8497
  • v5.8.6 Changes

    January 07, 2020
    • chore: merge changes from 4.13.20 and override mistaken publish to latest tag
  • v5.8.5 Changes

    January 06, 2020
    • fix(document): throw error when running validate() multiple times on the same document #8468
    • fix(model): ensure deleteOne() and deleteMany() set discriminator filter even if no conditions passed #8471
    • fix(document): allow pre('validate') hooks to throw errors with name = 'ValidationError' #8466
    • fix(update): move top level $set of immutable properties to $setOnInsert so upserting with immutable properties actually sets the property #8467
    • fix(document): avoid double-running validators on single nested subdocs within single nested subdocs #8468
    • fix(populate): support top-level match option for virtual populate #8475
    • fix(model): avoid applying skip when populating virtual with count #8476
  • v5.8.4 Changes

    January 02, 2020
    • fix(populate): ensure populate virtual gets set to empty array if localField is undefined in the database #8455
    • fix(connection): wrap mongoose.connect() server selection timeouts in MongooseTimeoutError for more readable stack traces #8451
    • fix(populate): allow deselecting foreignField from projection by prefixing with - #8460
    • fix(populate): support embedded discriminators with refPath when not all discriminator schemas have refPath #8452
    • fix(array): allow defining enum on array if an array of numbers #8449
  • v5.8.3 Changes

    December 23, 2019
    • fix: upgrade mongodb -> 3.4.1 #8430 jaschaio
    • fix(populate): don't add empty subdocument to array when populating path underneath a non-existent document array #8432
    • fix(schema): handle _id option for document array schematypes #8450
    • fix(update): call setters when updating mixed type #8444
    • docs(connections): add note about MongoTimeoutError.reason #8402
  • v5.8.2 Changes

    December 20, 2019
    • fix(schema): copy .add()-ed paths when calling .add() with schema argument #8429
    • fix(cursor): pull schema-level readPreference when using Query#cursor() #8421
    • fix(cursor): wait for all promises to resolve if parallel is greater than number of documents #8422
    • fix(document): depopulate entire array when setting array path to a partially populated array #8443
    • fix: handle setDefaultsOnInsert with deeply nested subdocs #8392
    • fix(document): report DocumentNotFoundError if underlying document deleted but no changes made #8428 #8371 AbdelrahmanHafez
    • docs(populate): clarify limitations of limit option for populate and suggest workaround #8409
    • docs(deprecations): explain which connection options are no longer relevant with useUnifiedTopology #8411
    • chore: allow browser build to be published #8435 #8427 captaincaius
  • v5.8.1 Changes

    December 12, 2019
    • fix(documentarray): dont attempt to cast when modifying array returned from map() #8399
    • fix(document): update single nested subdoc parent when setting to existing single nested doc #8400
    • fix(schema): add $embeddedSchemaType property to arrays for consistency with document arrays #8389
  • v5.8.0 Changes

    December 09, 2019
    • feat: wrap server selection timeout errors in MongooseTimeoutError to retain original stack trace #8259
    • feat(model): add Model.validate() function that validates a POJO against the model's schema #7587
    • feat(schema): add Schema#pick() function to create a new schema with a picked subset of the original schema's paths #8207
    • feat(schema): add ability to change CastError message using cast option to SchemaType #8300
    • feat(schema): group indexes defined in schema path with the same name #6499
    • fix(model): build all indexes even if one index fails #8185 unusualbob
    • feat(browser): pre-compile mongoose/browser #8350 captaincaius
    • fix(connection): throw error when setting unsupported option #8335 #6899 AbdelrahmanHafez
    • feat(schema): support enum validator for number type #8139
    • feat(update): allow using MongoDB 4.2 update aggregation pipelines, with no Mongoose casting #8225
    • fix(update): make update validators run on all subpaths when setting a nested path, even omitted subpaths #3587
    • feat(schema): support setting _id as an option to single nested schema paths #8137
    • feat(query): add Query#mongooseOptions() function #8296
    • feat(array): make MongooseArray#push() support using $position #4322
    • feat(schema): make pojo paths optionally become subdoc instead of Mixed #8228 captaincaius
    • feat(model): add Model.cleanIndexes() to drop non-schema indexes #6676
    • feat(document): make updateOne() document middleware pass this to post hooks #8262
    • feat(aggregate): run pre/post aggregate hooks on explain() #5887
    • docs(model+query): add session option to docs for findOneAndX() methods #8396
  • v5.7.14 Changes

    December 06, 2019
    • fix(cursor): wait until all eachAsync() functions finish before resolving the promise #8352
    • fix(update): handle embedded discriminator paths when discriminator key is defined in the update #8378
    • fix(schematype): handle passing message function to SchemaType#validate() as positional arg #8360
    • fix(map): handle cloning a schema that has a map of subdocuments #8357
    • docs(schema): clarify that uppercase, lowercase, and trim options for SchemaString don't affect RegExp queries #8333