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  • v0.41 Changes

    call service:

    • #25 add Call service support on client and server
    • #25 add engine.addMethod so that new method can be added to the address space

    subscription service:

    • implement SetMonitoringMode Request/Response
    • fixes RepublishResponse behavior on server
    • make sure monitoredItem timer func is not called if timer has been shutdown
    • #25 implement GetMonitoredItems method on Server Object

    session service:

    • add ability to restrict number of concurrent sessions on server.
      • make sure running sessions are automatically discarded after the timeout period has been reached without any activity from the client. (sessionTimeout)

    read service:

    • #34, #35 Add asynchronous value read/write capability on server side

    data access:

    • start implementation of DataAccess (Part 8)
    • add some standard units for EUInformation
    • AxisInformation
    • add addAnalogDataItem to create DA node in address space


    • #48 provides a way to pass specify serverInfo and buildInfo as options to OPCUAServer
    • #50 add flexible ways to specify typeDefinition and dataType in engine.addressSpace.addVariable
    • expose transactionCount Variables on VendorServerInfo
    • expose bytesWritten and bytesRead Variables on VendorServerInfo
    • use fully qualified domain name (fqdn), whenever possible, to build default endpoint urn instead of hostname only.
    • #40, set timeoutHint to non zero value to cope with servers that wrongly assume that timeoutHint =0 is 0s ( instead of 'no timeout' as per spec)

    ๐Ÿ› bug fixing

    • fix various issues with secure connection
    • fix issue in TranslateBrowsePath
    • #42 GUID : permit lower case letters in GUID strings
    • fix high low inversion in Int64 encoding
    • #36 handle HEL messages received by server that are received in small chunks
    • #36 handle samplingInterval === -1 in CreateMonitoredItem Request


    • special thanks to limjunliang, longtranphu2006, paragonRobotics, Diti24, yping, anson2004, Jochen1980, MackyNacky
  • v0.40 Changes

    • #17 add support for Sign and Encrypt
    • #17 add ability for server to specify which endpoint to expose
    • #20 fix nodecrawler missing resultMask
    • #21 Add the ability to handle a specific source timestamp on variable
    • #23 clamp monitored item samplingInterval
    • #24 ServerSecureChannelLayer timeout between message was too short and is now be configurable


    • special thanks: trongtin, ChrisJansson ,VincentGijsen, longtranphu2006