progress v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-04-04 // about 7 years ago
    • Fix: check before using stream.clearLine to prevent crash in Docker
    • Fix: fixed output multiline on windows cmd
    • Fix: Bug with array length when window is too small
    • Fix: Don't clear whole line every time; instead, clear everything after end of line
    • Fix: Use instead of console.log when terminating a progress bar to ensure that, if a writable stream is provided, it uses that rather than process.stdout
    • Fix: Bug causing potentially stale tokens on render
    • Feature: configurable cursor
    • Feature: feature to interrupt the bar and display a message
    • Feature: Add rate reporting to progress bar
    • Improvement: Add head option to specify head character
    • Improvement: Rename tickTokens to tokens
    • Improvement: Change default throttle time to 16ms
    • Improvement: Rename renderDelay to renderThrottle
    • Improvement: Add delay between render updates
    • Docs: Add example and documentation for custom token usage
    • Docs: Add head option to readme
    • Docs: Updated README example for public use
    • Docs: Add renderThrottle option to code documentation

Previous changes from v1.1.7

    • fixed a bug that occurs when a progress bar attempts to draw itself on a console with very few columns