Node-RED v0.20.0-beta.4 Release Notes

  • ⚙ Runtime

    • Bump JSONata to 1.6.4
    • Add Flow.getSetting for resolving env-var properties
    • Refactor Subflow logic into own class
    • Restore RED.auth to node-red module api
    • Tidy up when usage in Flow and Node


    • German translation
    • Change default dropdown appearance and sidebar tab menu handling
    • #2021 Handle multiple-select box when nothing selected Fixes
    • #2028 Handle i18n properly when key is a valid sub-identifier Fixes
    • #2032 Avoid duplicate links when missing node type installed Fixes
    • Add View Tools
    • Don't collapse version control header when clicking refresh
    • Add fast entry via keyboard for string of nodes
    • Check for undeployed change before showing open project dialog
    • Add placeholder node when in quick-add mode
    • Move nodes to top-left corner when converting to subflow


    • Debug: Allow debug edit expression to be sent to status
    • WebSocket: Fix missing translated help