Node-RED v3.0.0-beta.2 Release Notes

  • Migration from 2.x

    • The 'slice wires' action has changed from Ctrl-RightMouseButton to Alt-LeftMouseButton


    • Rework Junctions to be more node like in their event handling (#3607) @knolleary
    • Change slicing / slice-junction operations over to mouse button 0 (Left Mouse Button) (#3609) @Steve-Mcl
    • Do not slice-junction link node wires (#3608) @knolleary
    • Handle many-to-one slicing of wires (#3604) @knolleary
    • Ensure ACE worker options are set (#3611) @Steve-Mcl
    • Remove duplicate history add of ungroup event (#3605) @knolleary
    • use text width instead of number of characters for deciding select fi… (#3603) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Update Japanese info of link call node reflecting update of English info (#3600) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Fix typedInput label not visible on themes (#3580) @bonanitech
    • Fix project switching when junctions are present (#3595) @Steve-Mcl
    • Fix junction: when wiring from a regular nodes INPUT, backwards to a junction (#3591) @Steve-Mcl
    • Fix error initialising flow tab editor (#3585) @Steve-Mcl
    • Add Japanese translations for v3.0-beta.1 (#3576) @kazuhitoyokoi
    • Fix image paths where red/image/typedInput/XXXX.png should be red/image/typedInput/XXXX.svg (#3592) @kazuhitoyokoi
    • Fix browser console error Uncaught TypeError when searching certain terms (#3584) @Steve-Mcl

    ⚙ Runtime

    • fix error on system-info action (#3589) @HiroyasuNishiyama


    • I18n switch rule selector (#3602) @HiroyasuNishiyama
    • Handle removal of event handlers to allow mqtt client.end() to work (#3594) @PhilDay-CT
    • update link-call node info according to current behavior (#3597) @HiroyasuNishiyama