Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Image     Png     Gif     Jpeg     Jpg     Svg     Size     Psd     Bmp     Webp     Tiff    
Latest version: v6.0.0

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Get image size without full download. Supported image types: JPG, GIF, PNG, WebP, BMP, TIFF, SVG, PSD, ICO.

Key features:

  • small size, no heavy dependencies
  • works with remote and local data
  • effective with big images (speed/memory), download minimal data from remotes
  • easy to browserify (splitted to components)


npm install probe-image-size


const probe = require('probe-image-size');

// Get by URL
let result = await probe('http://example.com/image.jpg');
console.log(result); // =>
    width: xx,
    height: yy,
    type: 'jpg',
    mime: 'image/jpeg',
    wUnits: 'px',
    hUnits: 'px',
    url: 'http://example.com/image.jpg'

// By URL with options
let result = await probe('http://example.com/image.jpg', { rejectUnauthorized: false });

// From the stream
let result = await probe(require('fs').createReadStream('image.jpg'));

// From a Buffer (sync)
let data = require('fs').readFileSync('image.jpg');



  • You can access/browserify stream.js / http.js / sync.js directly.
  • If you don't like http.js dependencies, you can create your own wrapper for stream.js.

probe(src [, options|keepOpen]) -> Promise

  • src can be of this types:
    • String - URL to fetch
    • Stream - readable stream
  • options - HTTP only. See needle documentation, and customized defaults.
  • keepOpen (Boolean) - stream only. Keep stream open after parser finishes (input stream will be closed by default)

result (Promise) contains:

  width: XX,
  height: YY,
  length: ZZ,   // byte length of the file (if available, HTTP only)
  type: ...,    // image 'type' (usual file name extention)
  mime: ...,    // mime type
  wUnits: 'px', // width units type ('px' by default, can be different for SVG)
  hUnits: 'px', // height units type ('px' by default, can be different for SVG)
  url: ...,     // HTTP only, last url for the image in chain of redirects
                // (if no redirects, same as src)
  variants: [ { width, height }, ... ] | undefined // full list of sizes for ICO

Returned errors can be extended with 2 fields:

  • code - equals to ECONTENT if the library failed to parse the file;
  • status - equals to a HTTP status code if it receives a non-200 response.

sync.probe(src) -> result|null

Sync version can eat arrays, typed arrays and buffers. On success it returns the same result as async version. On fail it returns null.

Note. Formats like JPEG & TIFF can store size anywhere (far from the head). That usually does not happens, but if you need guarantees - always provide full file content to sync methods. We strongly recommend to use async version as memory-friendly.

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