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  • Javatpoint Provides a Node.js tutorial for beginners with interview Questions.
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  • A severe security vulnerability impacted all popular npm package managers: npm, yarn and pnpm and even triggered a release for Node.js 12.4.0. What is behind this vulnerability and why is it so important for us to understand? I wrote about it in a post that also explains how npm handles executables.
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  • In this blog you can know about what is Flutter and How does it benefit of Mobile App Development.
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  • What are serverless functions?....
    Let’s understand the steps to create an AWS Lambda
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  • Here’s the list of top Node.js frameworks that help you develop a Node.js based mobile or web app to stay ahead in the competition in 2020.
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  • What risks are we introducing just by our choice for an image used in our Docker containers? Let's find out what it means for Node.js docker containers
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  • In this guide, you‘ll find example interview questions and answers you can refer to when seeking a new Angular developer to build your web applications. You‘ll also get some practical advice on how to use these Angular interview questions to reliably identify the best people for the job.
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  • Node.js have been continuously been proved to be a great choice for the developers to work upon. here are top things and trends that will be hot in Node.js community in 2020.
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  • To help you with your upcoming Node.js interview, we've created a huge list of questions and answers to help you prepare for things you may be asked. It contains a wide range of questions covering the basics of Node.js and what it's main features are to the pros and cons of different software architectures.
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  • General social media tips
    1. Develop a specific strategy for each platform
    Each platform needs a specific plan for generating engagements, and the easiest way to come up with a good strategy is answering these questions:
    Why are you using this platform?
    Who is your audience?
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  • Don't underestimate lockfiles as a vector of security weakness.
    Lockfiles can be easily thought-of as just the mechanics of package manifests, however if not inspected carefully and using proper tools to investigate them, they could easily become an attack vector for outsiders to inject malicious packages.
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  • JavaScript has come a long way, here's what you can do with it today: from web and mobile over game development to machine learning and IoT
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  • This Nodejs Application help to understand weatherStack API Integration.We will create sample nodejs application that will access free weather information using Rest API.
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  • kudos to Kirill from the security research team who worked on this discovery as well as providing the fixes (!) and many thanks and appreciation to the Sequelize project maintainers who worked with us on the responsible disclosure and promptly issued fixes to vulnerable versions where necessary.
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  • If you’re a CTO or a Lead Developer and you’re planning to design service-oriented architecture, it’s definitely a webinar tailored to your needs. We'll talk about API Gateway, BFF, Monorepo, gRPC and more. Everything based on real-life examples from successful SOA projects.
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  • How do you cope with the issues of libraries having security vulnerabilities but there's no fix yet? With open source packages this might even be more apparent than ever. Maintainer are rightfully not in any contract to provide you support, yet you rely on third-party software by volunteers.

    In this piece I want to show you how we've adopted surgical patches to help remove this burden and risk from users.
    Article  Added by lirantal // // 6 months ago
  • A battle between Node.js vs Java. Node.js advantage over Java. Node.js is single threaded which is almost 20% faster than Java, Node.js is framework where as java is programming language. A developer should know all the differences between them. Here we have mentioned all the points of the battle between Node.js vs Java.
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  • Any framework can help build applications fast. But in order to make it effective, it must be scalable, event-driven and based on asynchronous programming approach. We have compared two premier node.js frameworks (Hapi vs. Express) that are trending due to their exclusive architecture, features, flexibility, extensibility, security, compatibility and libraries. Let’s have a look on this comparison, Hapi vs. Express.
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  • Nodejs tops the list of the web development technologies that have emerged and gained popularity recently. The workflow begins as I expand my ideas into the blog!
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  • I have a small serverless side-project that I'm hosting on AWS Lambda and I was keen on sharing my story of how I'm tracking security vulnerabilities for functions deployed to the cloud. Since that's quite different than containers or traditional application servers it may not be very obvious as to why we actually need to track them or how to do it.

    This article is detailing the step by step journey I did for my personal side-project and why it's so important.
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  • Have you ever thought about size of your node_modules directory? With every new library it's getting bigger making our apps slower and heavier. Can we even fight with it? Yes, we can!
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  • In this article, we are going to talk about the same kind of much-debated back-end programming technologies like Node.Js and PHP!
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  • Serverless doesn't mean "less" security, instead we should fine-tune our focus area to security implications that accompany a serverless architecture and understand the relevant best practices to follow.
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  • This article describes the "oracle problem" in testing and surveys the current state of JavaScript tooling for various kinds of fuzz testing, including mutational fuzzing, generative testing, property-based testing, model-based testing and mutation testing.
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  • Node.js is a JavaScript runtime framework and it's built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. Before Node.js, we are able to run JavaScript file or code only with in browers but by using Node.js we can run JavaScript code or files outside of browser.
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  • A book that teaches you to design and build serverless web apps on AWS using JavaScript, Node, and Claudia.js.
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  • Cross-Platform Desktop Applications guides you step-by-step through creating Node.js desktop applications with NW.js and Electron from GitHub.
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  • A book packed with practical examples that teaches you how to create high-performance web servers using JavaScript and Node.
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  • A book on how to build web servers using JavaScript and Node.
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  • A book that teaches you how to develop full-stack web applications using the MEAN stack.
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