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Latest version: v2.0.0

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A Two-Factor Auth Client

Tired of having to pull out your phone all the time to grab those 2fa codes?

Install: npm install -g tfa

Getting Help

bash-3.2$ tfa

  Usage: tfa [options] [command]


    enroll-qrcode|enq [options] <qrcode>  enroll using a qrcode file
    enroll|en [options]                   enroll
    generate|gen [options] [label]        generate
    list|l                                list
    delete|d <label>                      delete


    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number


Most two factor auth services provide a QRCode for enrollment with applications such as Google Authenticator on Android. When you're setting up 2fa, save the QRCode locally. Then do:

tfa enq qrcode.png

Where qrcode.png is the absolute or relative path to your saved QRCode file.

tfa will extract both the secret and a label from the QRCode. The label is used to generate 2fa codes. Many times, however, the label included in the QRCode is not very user friendly. You can set your own local label using the -l option:

tfa enq -l foo qrcode.png

If the qrcode enrollment isn't working for whatever reason, and you happen to know the TOTP secret being used, you can enroll manually:

tfa enroll -s {thesecret} -l {label}

Listing and Generating

To see a listing of enrolled services, do:

tfa list

This will print the list of labels out to the console.

To generate the current TOTP token for a label:

tfa gen {label} (e.g. tfa gen foo)

To generate the current TOTP tokens for all labels:

tfa gen

Cleaning up

To delete a secret:

tfa delete {label} (e.g. tfa delete foo)

Important note about dependencies

The QRCode scanning function depends on the canvas and jsqrcode modules from npm. To use tfa with QRCodes, there are a few unfortunate prerequisite installation steps you will need as documented here:


It's not fun, but once you're through it, it should just work.