If you are thinking of developing an app but you are still not sure how a free app brings profit, the following article will clear the situation.

This article includes various examples of how famous free products make money from apps and offers advice on how to choose an app monetization strategy.
This question is rather debatable, as each option has its pros and cons. But it is very important to build a product that performs well so that your app could be successful.

In this article you will find the comparison of the unique aspects of native vs hybrid app, as well as native vs web app.
We know about many web development languages that have been successfully used by developers for quite a long time so far. The most popular of them are Python, PHP, and Ruby. Recent years have brought a new technology that is being thoroughly discussed - the Elixir programming language.

Ever since Elixir programming began to gain traction, the efficiency and advantages of other back-end languages has been called into question.
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Wondering what the difference is between Swift and Objective-C? Which language better suits your project? Follow this essential guide to learn a detailed comparison of Swift vs Objective-C to make your choice.
Today's market of mobile applications is highly competitive, but has its treasure. The revenue from top successful apps is expected to reach $190 billion in the year 2020. In order to launch a great app startup, you need to abide by a systematic pattern.
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Instagram is the leading app for sharing photos.

According to the official statistical information the service provides, daily users post over 80 million pictures on Instagram. Over 3.5 billion likes are given every day, and more than 400 million of users are active monthly in this app.

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to build an iPhone app like Instagram? In this article, we will estimate the potential expenses and explain how to develop a photo sharing app for a single platform.