Unleash v2.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-01-01 // almost 5 years ago
    • πŸ‘Œ Support multiple strategies. This makes it easy to use multiple activation strategies in combination.
    • πŸ’» Client metrics. Gives details about what toggles a specific client application uses, how many times a toggle was evaluated to true / false. Everything presented in the UI.
    • πŸ‘ Client registration. This gives insight about connected clients, instances, strategies they support.
    • Client Application overview. Based on metrics and client registrations.
    • Database-migration done internally by Unleash, no external migration step required.
    • Publish unleash-server to npm.
    • Provide Prometheus endpoint for service metrics (response times, memory usage, etc).
    • πŸ›  A lot of bug-fixes (check commit history and issues for reference)
    • πŸ’» Unleash-frontend as a separate repo: https://github.com/Unleash/unleash-frontend. Total rewrite of UI using react + redux + material Design.
    • 🚚 Unleash moved to it’s own organization: https://github.com/Unleash making it more open and allow everyone to contribute.
    • 🐳 Unleash-docker as a separate module: https://github.com/Unleash/unleash-docker
    • Unleash binary, making it easy to install and use Unleash as a service.
    • βœ‚ Removed all config/tuning that was specific to FINN.no usage of Unleash.

    πŸ“„ If you are migrating from 1.0.0 to 2.0.0 we recommend reading the migration guide