Cowlog is made for developers by the vidaxl.com, helping them to debug their application. It is a library that helps you identify your debug message quickly on the console output. The project is meant to be used solely in a nodejs environment as these days browsers provide really neat standard toolsets for debugging your applications.

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Programming language: JavaScript
Tags: Logging     Terminal     Tool     Development    
Latest version: v1.6.65

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This project is a monorepo, giving home for multiple projects depending on each other. We use lerna to manage the releases and the packages efficiently. Each of the project it hosts usable meant ot be useful in their area, are listed below.

What projects belong to here?


Our aim is to provide tools that has not been released for developers, more productive. The original project called cowlog. All the tools here are developed to remove the repetitive soul crushing tasks from you and be able to focus to your business needs.