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Themis by Cossack Labs

Crypto library for storage and messaging
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Tired of typing `nvm use`? Here's a handy Bash alias!

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A header file filled with macro and utility goodness for making add-on development for across Node.js versions easier.
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Pug vs EJS

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  • Pug - High-performance template engine heavily influenced by Haml.
  • EJS - Simple unopinionated templating language.

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Code coverage tool built on istanbul that works with subprocesses.
Featured Module // Category Testing

Korra - Universal JavaScript linter and formatter.

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lodash vs RxJS

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  • lodash - A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras. A better and faster Underscore.js.
  • RxJS - Functional reactive library for transforming, composing, and querying various kinds of data.

axios vs request

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  • axios - Promise based HTTP client (works in the browser too).
  • request - Simplified HTTP request client.

A High Level Post Mortem of the eslint-scope Security Incident

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✏️ Free Opensource Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms
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  • Node.js APIs on AWS — the pros and cons of Express versus Serverless
  • Building a YouTube MP3 Downloader with Exodus, FFmpeg, and AWS Lambda
  • npm Joins ECMA International and TC39
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Node's Event Loop From the Inside Out by Sam Roberts, IBM

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Fun Open-Source Drum-Kitting Electron App

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OAuth middleware for Express, Koa, and Hapi.
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nunjucks vs handlebars.js

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  • nunjucks - A powerful templating engine with inheritance, asynchronous control, and more (jinja2 inspired).
  • handlebars.js - A superset of Mustache templates which adds powerful features like helpers and more advanced blocks.


Redis-backed job queue.
Featured Module // Category Job Queues

Objection.js vs Sequelize

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  • Objection.js - Lightweight ORM built on the SQL query builder Knex.
  • Sequelize - Multi-dialect ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.

npm Joins ECMA International and TC39

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Send text/HTML emails with attachments to any SMTP server.
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Text to Speech Using AWS Polly & Lambda

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isomorphic-fetch vs axios

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  • isomorphic-fetch - Isomorphic WHATWG Fetch API, for Node & Browserify
  • axios - Promise based HTTP client (works in the browser too).

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A TAP test framework.
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Feathers vs LoopBack

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  • Feathers - A minimal and flexible microservice framework built in the spirit of Express.
  • LoopBack - Powerful framework for creating REST APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.


Lightweight ORM built on the SQL query builder Knex.
Featured Module // Category ODM / ORM