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Node v13.0.0 (Current)

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Hemera v4.0.2

A new version of Hemera has been released
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An extensive math library.
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PM2 vs supervisor

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  • PM2 - Advanced Process Manager.
  • supervisor - Restart scripts when they crash or restart when a *.js file changes.

URI.js v1.19.2

A new version of URI.js has been released
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Node v12.13.0 (LTS)

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A fast and lightweight HTML-based templating engine that compiles templates to CommonJS modules and supports streaming, async rendering and custom tags.
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jimp vs sharp

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  • jimp - Image processing in pure JavaScript.
  • sharp - The fastest module for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images.

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tap vs Jest

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  • tap - A TAP test framework.
  • Jest - Painless JavaScript testing.

Common Node.js mistakes in Lambda

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A very fast markdown parser with 100% CommonMark support, extensions and syntax plugins.
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Node.js Application Configuration
Featured Module // Category Command Line Utilities


Code coverage tool built on istanbul that works with subprocesses.
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Supervisor process control system for UNIX
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Waterline vs Sequelize

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  • Waterline - Datastore-agnostic tool that dramatically simplifies interaction with one or more databases.
  • Sequelize - Multi-dialect ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.

Node.js Under The Hood #4 - Let's Talk About V8

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pino vs winston

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  • pino - Extremely fast logger inspired by Bunyan.
  • winston - A multi-transport async logging library.

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Hexo v4.0.0

A new version of Hexo has been released
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Event driven web crawler.
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Objection.js vs Sequelize

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  • Objection.js - Lightweight ORM built on the SQL query builder Knex.
  • Sequelize - Multi-dialect ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.


Pretty diff to html javascript library (diff2html)
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Mongorito vs Mongoose

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  • Mongorito - MongoDB ODM for modern Node.js apps. It rocks.
  • Mongoose - Elegant MongoDB object modeling.

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Strapi raises $4M for their open-source Headless CMS

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