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To type or not to type: quantifying detectable bugs in JavaScript

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Fast build system that combines the power of webpack, JSPM and SystemJS, with first-class TypeScript support.
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Strapi v3@alpha.6 release and new website

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axios vs request

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  • axios - Promise based HTTP client (works in the browser too).
  • request - Simplified HTTP request client.


Check licenses of your app's dependencies.
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DOS security vulnerability, Octoboer 2017

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Bunyan vs pino

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  • Bunyan - A simple and fast JSON logging library.
  • pino - Extremely fast logger inspired by Bunyan.

A Playlist on NodeJS FileSystem Module

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benchmarking frameworks is stupid

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Write reliable and fault-tolerant microservices with NATS.
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Lowdb vs NeDB

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  • Lowdb - Small JavaScript database powered by Lodash.
  • NeDB - Embedded persistent database written in JavaScript.

Node.js for Mobile Apps: full-fledged Node.js for Android and iOS

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Modern static website generator based on the React and Webpack ecosystem.
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Neat demo for building and deploying Node apps

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Bookshelf vs Sequelize

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  • Bookshelf - ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3 in the style of Backbone.js.
  • Sequelize - Multi-dialect ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.


A fast and lightweight HTML-based templating engine that compiles templates to CommonJS modules and supports streaming, async rendering and custom tags.
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Documenting your Node.js API with apiDoc

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Feathers vs LoopBack

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  • Feathers - A minimal and flexible microservice framework built in the spirit of Express.
  • LoopBack - Powerful framework for creating REST APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.


Extra methods for the fs module.
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How to write reliable browser tests using Selenium and Node.js

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Themis by Cossack Labs

Crypto library for storage and messaging
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Mongorito vs Mongoose

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  • Mongorito - MongoDB ODM for modern Node.js apps. It rocks.
  • Mongoose - Elegant MongoDB object modeling.

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CLI command for headless generation of Github tags
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Ramda vs immutable

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  • Ramda - A utility library with a focus on flexible functional composition enabled by automatic currying and reversed argument order. Avoids mutating data.
  • immutable - Immutable data collections.


A header file filled with macro and utility goodness for making add-on development for across Node.js versions easier.
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Node v8.7.0 (Current)

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