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With SurveyJS form UI libraries, you can build and style forms in a fully-integrated drag & drop form builder, render them in your JS app, and store form submission data in any backend, inc. PHP, ASP.NET Core, and Node.js.


Encore is the Backend Development Platform for creating event-driven and distributed systems.
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Test Anything Protocol tools for node
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ES Module

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An Absolute Beginner's Guide to package.json

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S3 Server

Zenko CloudServer, an open-source Node.js implementation of the Amazon S3 protocol on the front-end and backend storage capabilities to multiple clouds, including Azure and Google.
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A simple high-performance Redis message queue for Node.js.
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All About NPM (Node Package Manager)

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Node.js client for the Aerospike database
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NodeJS Task List derived from the best! Create beautiful CLI interfaces via easy and logical to implement task lists that feel alive and interactive.
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Fast, cross-platform Node.js access to ExifTool
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Using WebRTC to implement P2P video streaming

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SignalDB is a local JavaScript database with a MongoDB-like interface and TypeScript support, enabling optimistic UI with signal-based reactivity across multiple frameworks. It integrates easily with libraries like Angular, Solid.js, Preact, and Vue, simplifying data management with schema-less design, in-memory storage, and fast queries.
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📈 Minimalistic zero-dependencies statsd client for Node.js
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Map vs WeakMap #javascript #nodejs #shorts

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Reliable Background Task Execution using BullMQ and Node.js

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Understanding Node.js: A Comprehensive Guide

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A feature-rich Node.js web framework designed for building powerful, scalable, and maintainable web applications.
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Gulp.js command execution for humans
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Web Components with TSX
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Create a CRUD App with Prisma ORM & Node Js

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Holder of multiple npm packages
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Composable Backend-for-Frontend

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