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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

JWT Authentication using Node, Express & Postgres

JWT or JSON Web tokens are a popular way to implement authentication in modern web apps.
Many articles cover the theory of JWTs but not many show their practical usage. By the end of this video you will have a thorough understanding of how to use JWTs to implement authentication.
This video follows the flow outlined in the following article:โ€‹
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Supercharged End 2 End Testing Framework for NodeJS
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JWT should not be your default for sessions

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Generate QR Code In Javascript

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TypeScript ORM for Node.js based on Data Mapper, Unit of Work and Identity Map patterns. Supports MongoDB, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases.
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Why do you need Helmet in NodeJs ?

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Copy/paste detector for programming source code.
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How To Use Web Worker

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Holder of multiple npm packages
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๐ŸŽจ themer takes a set of colors and generates themes for your apps (editors, terminals, wallpapers, and more).
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How to Choose the Right Inventory Software for your Warehouse

The essential guide to choosing the most suitable Inventory software for your warehouse to your needs. Let's dive into the characteristics of the right warehouse inventory software for you!
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Track User's Location On Your Website

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AdminBro is an admin panel for apps written in node.js
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Hello, Modules!

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Actionhero is a realtime multi-transport nodejs API Server with integrated cluster capabilities and delayed tasks
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yargs v17.0.0

A new version of yargs has been released
New Version


CLI and build-time tool to find & fix known vulnerabilities in open-source dependencies
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OAuth Proxy
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CASL is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access
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How to integrate React frontend with Node backend

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Exploring Node.js Frameworks

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Babel v7.14.0

A new version of Babel has been released
New Version