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Dead simple Object schema validation
Featured Module // Category Data Validation

Jest vs WebdriverIO

Popular comparison
  • Jest - Painless JavaScript testing.
  • WebdriverIO - Automated testing based on the WebDriver protocol.


Front-end algorithm framework to create a machine learning pipeline.
Synced from the Github list // Category Mad Science



Copy/paste detector for source code.
Featured Module // Category Command-line apps

Building a multiplayer game using WebSockets

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Demystifying OAuth 2.0 - A Tutorial & Primer

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Basic Project Structure Template

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Accessibility engine for automated Web UI testing.
Synced from the Github list // Category Testing

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Property based testing framework for JavaScript/TypeScript
Featured Module // Category Testing

Top 8 Node.JS Frameworks to Look at in 2020

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Conceal secrets within strings, in plain sight.
Synced from the Github list // Category Text

Pug vs EJS

Popular comparison
  • Pug - High-performance template engine heavily influenced by Haml.
  • EJS - Simple unopinionated templating language.


Browser test runner based on mocha and wdio
Featured Module // Category Testing

Day 8 of #30DaysOfCode | Building Restful APIs

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A fast, reliable asset pipeline, supporting constant-time rebuilds and compact build definitions.
Featured Module // Category Build Tools

LoopBack vs Next.js

Popular comparison
  • LoopBack - Powerful framework for creating REST APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.
  • Next.js - Minimalistic framework for server-rendered React apps.

Cucumber.js vs Jest

Popular comparison
  • Cucumber.js - Cucumber for JavaScript
  • Jest - Painless JavaScript testing.

Build an amazing Job Search App using React

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Faster alternative to Ramda in just 7kB
Featured Module // Category Functional Programming


libcurl bindings for Node.js
Module Added by JCMais into category HTTP

Demystifying Regular Expressions with JavaScript

Regular expressions can be scary, but they are a powerful feature any programmer should know. Let's learn about them together.
Article Added by: livecodestream //

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  • How you can build your own web framework for Node.js
  • Understand Memoization in 5 Minutes
  • How I Faked Millions of NPM Downloads with 10 lines of code! (My first Blog)
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sharp vs jimp

Popular comparison
  • sharp - The fastest module for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images.
  • jimp - Image processing in pure JavaScript.

What The Webpack

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The gist

BullMQ - Premium Message Queue for NodeJS based on Redis
Module Added by Luxizzle into category Job Queues

Conveyor MQ

A fast, robust and extensible distributed task/job queue for Node.js, powered by Redis.
Module Added by Luxizzle into category Job Queues


Redis client.
Featured Module // Category Drivers

Mongoose vs Sequelize

Popular comparison
  • Mongoose - Elegant MongoDB object modeling.
  • Sequelize - Multi-dialect ORM. Supports PostgreSQL, SQLite, MySQL.

got vs axios

Popular comparison
  • got - A nicer interface to the built-in http module.
  • axios - Promise based HTTP client (works in the browser too).