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Awesome Node.js Weekly » 341

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  • Node.js visualized: promise, async/await and process.nextTick under the hood
  • REST API vs GraphQL
  • GRPC Node + NextJs + Prisma
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How to use Axios interceptors, a step-by-step guide with example

Axios is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries to perform HTTP requests. Axios interceptors are powerful mechanisms built into Axios for making changes to requests and responses in a non-intrusive way. In this guide, you will walk through the basics of Axios interceptors and step through a useful example of how they can be used. By the end, you should have a good understanding of how to use Axios interceptors in your own applications. Let’s get started!
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Scaling node.js applications

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nodeBB v2.6.1

A new version of nodeBB has been released
New Version


A Node.js PostgreSQL client with runtime and build time type safety, and composable SQL.
Featured Module // Category ODM / ORM



An NLP library for building bots, with entity extraction, sentiment analysis, automatic language identify, and so more
Featured Module // Category Natural Language Processing

Quality code: Node.js design patterns and dependency management (part 2)

This time we’ll discuss dependency management around Node.js design patterns.

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Deploy Node.js to AWS: Build an Automated CI/CD Pipeline

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Moment Timezone

Timezone support for moment.js
Featured Module // Category Date

AWS Lambda Now Has Support for Node.js 18 Runtime

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Apostrophe is a full-featured, open-source CMS built with Node.js that empowers organizations by combining in-context editing and headless architecture in a full-stack JS environment.
Featured Module // Category Content Management Systems


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How to publish your project to npm?

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NestJS REST API boilerplate

NestJS boilerplate. Auth, TypeORM, Postgres, Mailing, I18N, Docker.
Featured Module // Category Web Frameworks

A beginner’s guide to parse and create XML with Node.js

Writing and parsing XML files with Node.js might not be one of the first things that strike your mind. On the contrary, the Fast XML parser has millions of downloads per week on NPM. In this post, you will learn how to validate and parse XML with Node.js. You will also learn to generate an XML file from JavaScript objects. Let's get started!
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GRPC Node + NextJs + Prisma

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Autogenerate static GraphQL API documentation
Featured Module // Category Documentation

Rivalis Core

Simple, secure and fast real-time application development on top of NodeJS
Featured Module // Category Real Time

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Awesome Node.js Weekly » 340

Top Stories
  • Node.js visualized: Event Loop Phases
  • Node.js 18.x runtime now available in AWS Lambda
  • Winston Logger - Full tutorial with a sample Nodejs application
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CASL is an isomorphic authorization JavaScript library which restricts what resources a given user is allowed to access
Featured Module // Category Authorization

Dendron v0.118.0

A new version of Dendron has been released
New Version

Node.js Architecture Pitfalls to Avoid

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Improved USB library for Node.js
Featured Module // Category Hardware


Supercharged End 2 End Testing Framework for NodeJS
Featured Module // Category Testing

Node.js 18.x runtime now available in AWS Lambda

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🚀 Fast and simple Node.js version manager, built in Rust
Featured Module // Category Node.Js Management