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Create and parse BSON UUIDs
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MERN vs Next.js

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  • MERN - Easily build production-ready universal apps with MongoDB, Express, React, and webpack.
  • Next.js - Minimalistic framework for server-rendered React apps.



Native bindings to Git.
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request vs axios

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  • request - Simplified HTTP request client.
  • axios - Promise based HTTP client (works in the browser too).


Kudo Homes specialises in quick property makeovers for homeowners who want to sell and turn a sizable profit without delays and construction hassles. Whether it’s a quick budget-friendly cosmetic makeover, such as fresh paint and carpet replacement which go a long way, to major works, we’ve got it covered.
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  • How I encrypted a database without storing the keys anywhere
  • Open Source Monitoring Tools
  • Node.js 12.3: WebAssembly – Experimental Support for Wasm Modules
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Minimalist web server framework inspired by JAVA Spring
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भारत की राजधानी

भारत की राजधानी क्या है पूरी जानकारी
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The 80/20 Guide to Promises in Node.js

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AdonisJs Framework vs LoopBack

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  • AdonisJs Framework - NodeJs Web Application Framework. Makes it easy for you to write webapps with less code 😃
  • LoopBack - Powerful framework for creating REST APIs and easily connecting to backend data sources.


An abstraction layer for real-time frameworks to prevent module lock-in.
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Node v12.3.1 (Current)

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KeystoneJS vs Strapi

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  • KeystoneJS - CMS and web application platform built on Express and MongoDB.
  • Strapi - Content Management Framework (headless-CMS) to build powerful APIs.


Extended version of utility library Rambda
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5 Free Ways To Host Your Node.js App In 2019

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A tiny, fast JavaScript parser.
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Node v12.3.0 (Current)

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Jest vs Sinon.JS

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  • Jest - Painless JavaScript testing.
  • Sinon.JS - Test spies, stubs and mocks.


Detect indecent photos on the client
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sharp vs jimp

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  • sharp - The fastest module for resizing JPEG, PNG, WebP and TIFF images.
  • jimp - Image processing in pure JavaScript.


The fastest JSON Schema validator. Supports v5 proposals.
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cylon.js vs johnny-five

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  • cylon.js - Next generation robotics framework with support for 26 different platforms.
  • johnny-five - Firmata based Arduino Framework.

Array.from has a second argument

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Datastore-agnostic tool that dramatically simplifies interaction with one or more databases.
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