Faker.js v3.1.0 Release Notes

  • 👀 ( partial change log see: https://github.com/Marak/faker.js/commits/master for full details )

    [docs] Added JSDocs
    [fix] Prevent apostrophes in return value of internet#domainWords
    [Fix] Display first month as 1 not 0.
    [fix] random.uuid not using seeded number generator
    [fix] image api size check 
    [fix] update bower
    [fix] implement street suffix
    [fix] hacker.phrase - generate random string for each lexical instance
    [api] Added safe_email method
    [api] Added method for getting random locale
    [api] Added semver method
    [api] Added parameters to fake method
    [api] Added randomness to image generation
    [api] adjust findName method to allow for gender based prefixes
    [api] [locale] Added basic support for generating UK postcodes
    [api] [locale] Added LV (Latvian) locale 
    [api] [locale] Added date for Swedish locale
    [api] Added better lorem methods
    [api] Added system module
    [api] Added finance.bitcoinAddress