Transform modules

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  • PostCSS

    9.5 9.3 L5 TypeScript
    Transforming styles with JS plugins
  • through2

    5.9 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    Tiny wrapper around Node streams2 Transform to avoid explicit subclassing noise
  • pify

    5.5 3.1 L5 JavaScript
    Promisify a callback-style function
  • scramjet

    2.9 4.3 JavaScript
    Public tracker for Scramjet Cloud Platform, a platform that bring data from many environments together.
  • into-stream

    2.5 2.5 L5 JavaScript
    Convert a string/promise/array/iterable/asynciterable/buffer/typedarray/arraybuffer/object into a stream
  • xlstream

    2.3 3.5 TypeScript
    Turns XLSX into a readable stream.
  • strip-css-comments

    2.0 2.5 CSS
    Strip comments from CSS
  • through2-concurrent

    1.6 0.0 L5 JavaScript
    Simple Node.JS stream (streams2) Transform that runs the transform functions concurrently (with a set max concurrency)
  • first-chunk-stream

    1.1 2.5 L5 JavaScript
    Transform the first chunk in a stream
  • tar-transform

    0.3 0.0 TypeScript
    extract, transform and re-pack tarball entries in form of stream with very simple api