Sinon.JS v13.0.1 Release Notes

    • ec4223f9 Bump nise to fix sinonjs/nise#193 (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
    • f329a010 Add unimported to workflow (#2441) (Morgan Roderick)
    • 7f16cec9 Enable updates to same major version (Carl-Erik Kopseng)
    • f784d7ad Re-introduce new script to version hook (Joel Bradshaw) > This was inadvertently removed during merge conflicts, and is required > for any of the new release process stuff to work
    • 51c508ab Add dry run mode to npm version (#2436) (Joel Bradshaw) > - Add DRY_RUN flag to skip publish/push > > - Allow overriding branch names for testing
    • 05341dcf Update npm version scripts to manage new releases branch (Joel Bradshaw)
    • fe658261 Remove release archives from master (Joel Bradshaw) > These archives made it difficult to find things in the GitHub interface, > and take up a lot of space in a checked-out repo for something that is > not useful to most people checking out the repository. > > The main purpose of these archives is to make old versions and > documentation available on the Sinon website that is run out of this > repo. This can be supported by using a separate branch for website > releases, and to maintain the archives. > > Following this commit, the npm version scripts will be updated to > automatically handle archiving the releases in the new releases branch > and keeping it up to date with master. > > Also remove the directories we removed from .prettierignore, since they > don't exist any more.

    🚀 Released by Carl-Erik Kopseng on 2022-02-01.