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  • v0.0.5 Changes

    May 01, 2014
    • Version 0.0.5 (Bert Belder)

    • Remove HTML comments generated by DocToc. (Rand McKinney)

    • Now working on version 0.0.5 (Bert Belder)

  • v0.0.4 Changes

    April 30, 2014
    • Version 0.0.4 (Bert Belder)

    • Test: add tests for zone completion callbacks (Bert Belder)

    • package.json: remove the tap dependency (Bert Belder)

    • Test: move the old tests to test/old (Bert Belder)

    • Test: make 'npm test' run the new test runner (Bert Belder)

    • Test: add tests to test the test runner (Bert Belder)

    • Test: add a very simple test harness (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: better error presence detection for Zone#complete (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: make setCallback/then/catch chainable (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: implement .then() and .catch() (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: remove superfluous assignment in setCallback() (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: don't load the zone library twice (Bert Belder)

    • lint (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: display long stack traces (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: capture the stack at construction time (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: wrap caught non-errors in NonError error objects (Bert Belder)

    • Implement NonError class to wrap non-error thrown values (Bert Belder)

    • tests: make tap work on windows (Bert Belder)

    • require: remove the patch() function (Bert Belder)

    • require: extract monkey patching into a separate function (Bert Belder)

    • Initial reorganization and editing (Rand McKinney)

    • require: always load modules into the root zone (Bert Belder)

    • Wrap fs methods at the binding layer (Bert Belder)

    • fs: wrap (Bert Belder)

    • fs: fix various issues with the wrapper (Bert Belder)

    • Update license and contribution guidelines after review (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: don't auto-stop listening unless an error happened (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: don't auto-stop reading unless an error happened (Bert Belder)

    • require: don't load the buffer module twice (Bert Belder)

    • Gate: fix typo in call and callAsync implementation (Bert Belder)

    • CONTRIBUTING: remove draft warning (Bert Belder)

    • CONTRIBUTING: add thank you note to the introduction (Bert Belder)

    • CONTRIBUTING: add lawyer-aproved CLA (Bert Belder)

    • CONTRIBUTING: change the patch signing instruction to be more formal (Bert Belder)

    • CONTRIBUTING: lint (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: don't immediately print stack trace when handling an error (Bert Belder)

    • Debug server: run in it's own zone (Bert Belder)

    • Setup: fix inaccurate comment (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: don't forcefully exit when an error happens in the root zone (Bert Belder)

    • Gate: also register to the zone if it's just a self-reference (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: stop accepting connections when signaled (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: close handle when signaled (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: stop reading when signaled (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: don't use inner function callback in .close() implementation (Bert Belder)

    • stream-wrap: immediately close gate if async operation fails sycnhronously (Bert Belder)

    • EventEmitter: close cross-zone listener gate when signaled (Bert Belder)

    • EventEmitter: properly close cross-zone listener gates (Bert Belder)

    • EventEmitter: name cross-zone listener gate better (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: run signal methods in parent zone (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: fix child not properly signaled bug (Bert Belder)

    • Gate: remove dummy .signal implementaion (Bert Belder)

    • events: better patching for zone-awareness (Bert Belder)

    • events.js: revert to node's implementation at 77d1f4a (Bert Belder)

    • Use new scheduler, redo zone/gate invocation methods (Bert Belder)

    • readme: tweak zone/gate invocation method API docs (Bert Belder)

    • Implement global scheduler (Bert Belder)

    • Add LinkedList utility class (Bert Belder)

    • lint fixes (Bert Belder)

    • EventEmitter: don't throw when removing a nonexisting listener (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: use linked list for keeping track of children (Bert Belder)

    • Now working on version 0.0.4 (Bert Belder)

  • v0.0.3 Changes

    April 09, 2014
    • Version 0.0.3 (Bert Belder)

    • stream_wrap: include TCP local and remote address in dump output (Bert Belder)

    • Make the demo a little more interesting (Bert Belder)

    • readme: add try...catch vs zone section (Bert Belder)

    • Add draft readme (Bert Belder)

    • Implement the magic property (Bert Belder)

    • Gate: provide a default, empty signal() implementation (Bert Belder)

    • Don't use 'null' zone for callbacks originating from the binding layer (Bert Belder)

    • dump tool: improve formatting (Bert Belder)

    • cares-wrap: remove unused variable (Bert Belder)

    • Zone: remove some stray debugging code (Bert Belder)

    • Now working on version 0.0.3 (Bert Belder)

  • v0.0.2 Changes

    April 01, 2014
    • Version 0.0.2 (Bert Belder)

    • Add draft (Bert Belder)

    • Zone-wrap the dns/cares binding layer (Bert Belder)

    • Name stream requests (Bert Belder)

    • Now working on version 0.0.2 (Bert Belder)

    • Version 0.0.1 (Bert Belder)

  • v0.0.1 Changes

    March 25, 2014
    • First release!