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Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v0.1.61

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slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier. It has:

  • first-class mouse support (even over an SSH connection)
  • a Sublime-like file sidebar
  • double-click to select word, highlight other occurrences
  • configurable Sublime-like keybindings* (Ctrl+S save, Ctrl+Z undo, etc.)
  • copying/pasting with OS clipboard support
  • infinite undo/redo
  • syntax highlighting for 100+ languages
  • bracket matching
  • autoindentation
  • heavily customizeable via plugins
  • ... many other features that will make you leave nano, vim, and emacs behind


$ curl -sL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/slap-editor/slap/master/install.sh | sh

If you already have NodeJS installed:

$ sudo npm install -g slap@latest


$ slap fish.c
$ slap fish1.c fish2.c
$ slap redfish/ # open dir
$ slap # new file

Default keybindings

  • Quit: Ctrl+Q
  • Movement: mouse or arrow keys and PageUp/Down/Home/End
    • Shift or click+drag to select, Ctrl/Alt to move faster
  • Save: Ctrl+S
  • Undo: Ctrl+Z, redo: Ctrl+Y
  • List open tabs: Ctrl+L
  • Next/previous tab: Ctrl+Alt+PageUp/Down
  • Close tab: Ctrl+W
  • Find: Ctrl+F
  • Go to line: Ctrl+G
  • Go to matching bracket: Ctrl+]
  • Open: Ctrl+O (or click the filebrowser)
  • New file: Ctrl+N


slap supports INI or JSON config files. You can put configuration wherever rc can find it. A mostly empty configuration file with some useful comments is created in [~/.slap/config](default-config.ini) if an existing file isn't found.

Pass configuration via command line:

$ slap --header.style.bg red file.c


Slap is fully customizeable and supports plugins written in JS. You can place single JS files, or NodeJS packages, into ~/.slap/plugins/.

To write your own plugin, a good starting point is slap-clipboard-plugin. Please note that plugin packages must have "keywords": ["slap-plugin"] in package.json.

OS support


iTerm2 supports the mouse and most keybindings out of the box. For optimal Terminal.app usage, see slap-Terminal.app-profile.


If you are using X.Org, ensure xclip is installed for OS clipboard support.


Most terminal emulators in Windows do not support mouse events, PuTTY being a notable exception. In Cygwin, slap crashes on startup due to joyent/node#6459.


Join us in #slap on Freenode for troubleshooting, theme/plugin/core development, or palm strike discussion of any nature.

Some keys don't work!

NOTE: if you are using Terminal.app, see slap-Terminal.app-profile.

Unfortunately most terminal emulators do not support certain keystrokes and as such there is no way to handle them. These include C-backspace, S-home/end, and S-pageup/down. Most of these actions have alternate keybindings, inspired by emacs and other editors, but if you find one that doesn't work, please [submit an issue](../../issues/new)!

Slow on single cores, Raspberry Pi

slap is based on Github's atom/text-buffer, and as such should be very performant, even with very large files.

Try --editor.highlight false or adding the following to ~/.slap/config:

highlight = false

If that doesn't improve performance, please run with --perf.profile true and [submit an issue](../../issues/new) with the newly-created v8.log file.