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  • v4.2.4 Changes

    December 30, 2021
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where the --identifier command line argument was ignored. It was broken since at least 3.0a7 (released in 2009) and probably earlier. Patch by Julien Le ClΓ©ach.
  • v4.2.3 Changes

    December 27, 2021
    • πŸ›  Fixed a race condition where an rpcinterface extension that subscribed to events would not see the correct process state if it accessed the the state attribute on a Subprocess instance immediately in the event callback. Patch by Chao Wang.

    • βž• Added the setuptools package to the list of dependencies in because it is a runtime dependency. Patch by Louis Sautier.

    • 🌐 The web interface will now return a 404 Not Found response if a log file is missing. Previously, it would return 410 Gone. It was changed because 410 is intended to mean that the condition is likely to be permanent. A log file missing is usually temporary, e.g. a process that was never started will not have a log file but will have one as soon as it is started.

  • v4.2.2 Changes

    February 26, 2021
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where supervisord could crash if a subprocess exited immediately before trying to kill it.

    • Fixed a bug where the stdout_syslog and stderr_syslog options of a [program:x] section could not be used unless file logging for the same program had also been configured. The file and syslog options can now be used independently. Patch by Scott Stroupe.

    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where the logfile option in the [supervisord] section would not log to syslog when the special filename of syslog was supplied, as is supported by all other log filename options. Patch by Franck Cuny.

    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where environment variables defined in environment= in the [supervisord] section or a [program:x] section could not be used in %(ENV_x)s expansions. Patch by MythRen.

    • 🚦 The supervisorctl signal command now allows a signal to be sent when a process is in the STOPPING state. Patch by Mike Gould.

    • πŸ–¨ supervisorctl and supervisord now print help when given -? in addition to the existing -h/--help.

  • v4.2.1 Changes

    August 20, 2020
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug on Python 3 where a network error could cause supervisord to crash with the error <class 'TypeError'>:can't concat str to bytes. Patch by Vinay Sajip.

    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where a test would fail on systems with glibc 2.3.1 because the default value of SOMAXCONN changed.

  • v4.2.0 Changes

    April 30, 2020
    • When supervisord is run in the foreground, a new --silent option suppresses the main log from being echoed to stdout as it normally would. Patch by Trevor Foster.

    • πŸ“œ Parsing command= now supports a new expansion, %(numprocs)d, that expands to the value of numprocs= in the same section. Patch by Santjago Corkez.

    • πŸ’» Web UI buttons no longer use background images. Patch by Dmytro Karpovych.

    • πŸ’» The Web UI now has a link to view tail -f stderr for a process in addition to the existing tail -f stdout link. Based on a patch by OuroborosCoding.

    • The HTTP server will now send an X-Accel-Buffering: no header in logtail responses to fix Nginx proxy buffering. Patch by Weizhao Li.

    • 🌲 When supervisord reaps an unknown PID, it will now log a description of the waitpid status. Patch by Andrey Zelenchuk.

    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug introduced in 4.0.3 where supervisorctl tail -f foo | grep bar would fail with the error NoneType object has no attribute 'lower'. This only occurred on Python 2.7 and only when piped. Patch by Slawa Pidgorny.

  • v4.1.0 Changes

    October 19, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug on Python 3 only where logging to syslog did not work and would log the exception TypeError: a bytes-like object is required, not 'str' to the main supervisord log file. Patch by Vinay Sajip and Josh Staley.

    • πŸ›  Fixed a Python 3.8 compatibility issue caused by the removal of cgi.escape(). Patch by Mattia Procopio.

    • πŸ“¦ The meld3 package is no longer a dependency. A version of meld3 is now included within the supervisor package itself.

  • v4.0.4 Changes

    July 15, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where supervisorctl tail <name> stdout would actually tail stderr. Note that tail <name> without the explicit stdout correctly tailed stdout. The bug existed since 3.0a3 (released in 2007). Patch by Arseny Hofman.

    • πŸ‘Œ Improved the warning message added in 4.0.3 so it is now emitted for both tail and tail -f. Patch by Vinay Sajip.

    • πŸ“š CVE-2019-12105. Documentation addition only, no code changes. This CVE states that inet_http_server does not use authentication by default (details <>). Note that inet_http_server is not enabled by default, and is also not enabled in the example configuration output by echo_supervisord_conf. The behavior of the inet_http_server options have been correctly documented, and have not changed, since the feature was introduced in 2006. A new warning message <> was added to the documentation.

  • v4.0.3 Changes

    May 22, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed an issue on Python 2 where running supervisorctl tail -f <name> would fail with the message Cannot connect, error: <type 'exceptions.UnicodeEncodeError'> where it may have worked on Supervisor 3.x. The issue was introduced in Supervisor 4.0.0 due to new bytes/strings conversions necessary to add Python 3 support. For supervisorctl to correctly display logs with Unicode characters, the terminal encoding specified by the environment must support it. If not, the UnicodeEncodeError may still occur on either Python 2 or 3. A new warning message is now printed if a problematic terminal encoding is detected. Patch by Vinay Sajip.
  • v4.0.2 Changes

    April 17, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug where inline comments in the config file were not parsed correctly such that the comments were included as part of the values. This only occurred on Python 2, and only where the environment had an extra configparser module installed. The bug was introduced in Supervisor 4.0.0 because of Python 2/3 compatibility code that expected a Python 2 environment to only have a ConfigParser module.
  • v4.0.1 Changes

    April 10, 2019
    • πŸ›  Fixed an issue on Python 3 where an OSError: [Errno 29] Illegal seek would occur if logfile in the [supervisord] section was set to a special file like /dev/stdout that was not seekable, even if logfile_maxbytes = 0 was set to disable rotation. The issue only affected the main log and not child logs. Patch by Martin Falatic.