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Latest version: v2.1.0

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A Node.js tool to automate end-to-end web testing.Write tests in JS or TypeScript, run them and view results.

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  • Works on all popular environments: TestCafe runs on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It supports desktop, mobile, remote and cloud browsers (UI or headless).
  • 1 minute to set up: You do not need WebDriver or any other testing software. Install TestCafe with one command, and you are ready to test: npm install -g testcafe
  • Free and open source: TestCafe is free to use under the MIT license. Plugins provide custom reports, integration with other tools, launching tests from IDE, etc. You can use the plugins made by the GitHub community or make your own.

Install TestCafe and Run a Test

Running a sample test in Safari

Table of contents


Stable tests and no manual timeouts TestCafe automatically waits for page loads and XHRs before the test starts and after each action. It also features smart test actions and assertions that wait for page elements to appear. You can change the maximum wait time. If elements load faster, tests skip the timeout and continue.

Rapid test development tool Changes in test code immediately restart the test, and you see the results instantly. See how it works in the TestCafe Live repository.

Latest JS and TypeScript support TestCafe supports the latest JavaScript features, including ES2017 (for example, async/await). You can also use TypeScript if you prefer a strongly typed language.

Detects JS errors in your code TestCafe reports JS errors that it finds on the webpage. Tests automatically fail because of that. However, you can disable this.

Concurrent test launch TestCafe can open multiple instances of the same browser to run parallel tests which decreases test execution time.

PageObject pattern support The TestCafe's Test API includes a high-level selector library, assertions, etc. You can combine them to implement readable tests with the PageObject pattern.

const macOSInput = Selector('.column').find('label').withText('MacOS').child('input');

Easy to include in a continuous integration system You can run TestCafe from a console, and its reports can be viewed in a CI system's interface (TeamCity, Jenkins, Travis & etc.)

TestCafe Studio: IDE for End-to-End Web Testing

TestCafe works great for JavaScript developers, but at some point you will need to delegate testing tasks to your Q&A department. If that's the case and you are looking for a codeless way to record and maintain tests compatible with your existing infrastructure, check out TestCafe Studio - a testing IDE built on top of the open-source TestCafe.

Read the following article to learn how TestCafe Studio could fit into your workflow: What's Better than TestCafe? TestCafe Studio.

Get Started with TestCafe Studio

Record and Run a Test in TestCafe Studio

Getting Started


Ensure that Node.js (Current or Active LTS is recommended, version 12 at minimum) and npm are installed on your computer before running it:

npm install -g testcafe

Creating the Test

As an example, we are going to test the https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example page.

Create a .js or .ts file on your computer. Note that it needs to have a specific structure: tests must be organized into fixtures. You can paste the following code to see the test in action:

import { Selector } from 'testcafe'; // first import testcafe selectors

fixture `Getting Started`// declare the fixture
    .page `https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/example`;  // specify the start page

//then create a test and place your code there
test('My first test', async t => {
    await t
        .typeText('#developer-name', 'John Smith')

        // Use the assertion to check if the actual header text is equal to the expected one
        .expect(Selector('#article-header').innerText).eql('Thank you, John Smith!');

Running the Test

Call the following command in a command shell. Specify the target browser and file path.

testcafe chrome test1.js

TestCafe opens the browser and starts executing the test.

Important! Make sure the browser tab that runs tests stays active. Do not minimize the browser window. Inactive tabs and minimized browser windows switch to a lower resource consumption mode where tests are not guaranteed to execute correctly.

Viewing the Results

TestCafe outputs the results into a command shell by default. See Reporters for more information. You can also use plugins to customize the reports.

Test Report

Read the Getting Started page for a more detailed guide.


Go to our website for full documentation on TestCafe.

Get Help

Join the TestCafe community on Stack Overflow to get help. Ask and answer questions with the TestCafe tag.

Issue Tracker

Use our GitHub issues page to report bugs and suggest improvements.

Stay in Touch

Follow us on Twitter. We post TestCafe news and updates, several times a week.


Read our Contributing Guide to learn how to contribute to the project.

To create your own plugin for TestCafe, you can use these plugin generators:

If you want your plugin to be listed below, send us a note in a Github issue.

Thank you to all the people who already contributed to TestCafe!

aha-oretama ai aleks-pro Aleksey28 AlexanderMoiseev AlexanderMoskovkin
alexey-lin AlexKamaev alexphilin AlexSkorkin alexwybraniec AnastasiaIvanova8
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TestCafe developers and community members made these plugins:

Different Versions of TestCafe

  TestCafe TestCafe Studio
No need for WebDriver, browser plugins or other tools
Cross-platform and cross-browser out of the box
Write tests in the latest JavaScript or TypeScript
Clear and flexible API supports ES6 and PageModel pattern
Stable tests due to the Smart Assertion Query Mechanism
Tests run fast due to intelligent Automatic Waiting Mechanism and Concurrent Test Execution
Custom reporter plugins
Use third-party Node.js modules in test scripts
Integration with popular CI systems  ✓*
Free and open-source  
Visual Test Recorder  
Interactive Test Editor  
Automatic Selector Generation  
Run Configuration Manager  
IDE-like GUI  

* You can use open-source TestCafe to run TestCafe Studio tests in CI systems.


Show everyone you are using TestCafe: Tested with TestCafe

To display this badge, add the following code to your repository readme:

<a href="https://github.com/DevExpress/testcafe">
    <img alt="Tested with TestCafe" src="https://img.shields.io/badge/tested%20with-TestCafe-2fa4cf.svg">

Thanks to BrowserStack

We are grateful to BrowserStack for providing the infrastructure that we use to test code in this repository.


Code released under the [MIT license](LICENSE).


Developer Express Inc. (https://devexpress.com)

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the TestCafe README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.